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about me
My interest for technology goes back as far as I can remember. I remember as a kid playing games and exploring stuff on my families PC, which at the time was running the ground-breaking new Windows 95 operating system. Since then, I have owned numerous laptops, custom-built my own desktop, and done much more.

Back in 2009, I started my first ever program, which really led the way for me into software development. It was horrible, ugly, and not very easy to use, but I grew from it, and really owe everything I had done since to that one piece of software. Then, two years later, I started another program called Pixel Art, which is still being supported to this day, and has gathered over 100,000 downloads.

I graduated high school in 2013 with an Adobe Certified Associate certification for Photoshop CS6, before going to Durham College for Digital Video Production. Upon graduating that program, I started my own multi-media business called Muze Media, a throwback to my early days of software development. Since then, I have been working on video and photo productions and shoots for numerous clients, along quickly working my way up to a Supervisor position for Geek Squad at Best Buy Canada.

Everything I do, I make sure I do right, and to the best I can. I never just do a job that's good enough, because I always aim for higher than what is expected, because not only does it help me grow, but it helps me get ahead. Like my moto says, I have made it my goal over the past few years to redefine the digital world, and I don't intend on stopping.
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